Focus on Forcuz

We build, achieve and grow together. 
We want to change the world.
We live by those four values.
포커스필름은 함께 만들고, 성취하고     
​성장하고, 세상을 변화시키기 위해 탄생했습니다.    
What is your why?
The answer is Forcuz Film(4cuz)


From the initial kick-off meeting to the client’s final approval, we always put the client in control. We can work with any type of video production you need. We promise reasonable all-inclusive bottom-line pricing without any last-minute extra charges. We emphasize on transparency and we share everything with our clients throughout the entire production process.


기획부터 최종컨펌까지 컨셉과 기획에 따른

합리적인이고 효율적인 제작과정으로 모두를 위한 영상을 만들어 갈 것을 약속드립니다. 

기존 프로덕션보다 더욱 투명하게 운영을 하고,무엇이든 함께 공유해 나갈 것을 약속드립니다.


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4CUZ  : There are four reasons

1. Making together

2. Achieving together

3. Growing together

4. Changing the world together


Focus on Forcuz

Forcuz  -  4cuz  -  Focus

   Four Cause for you to work with us  

  If you need some more please contact us

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